Double cleansing the VOTARY way

August 20, 2021

Cleansing, but make it double

Who says you need dozens of products to get your skin properly clean? Save time and your cabinet space with our award-winning, multi-tasking oil cleansers instead! Here's how to get a proper cleanse with just one formula.

Melt away makeup and SPF

Oil dissolves oil, making a cleansing oil perfect for removing makeup and SPF, as these oil-based formulas can build up and wreak havoc on pores during summer. Plus, the exfoliating action of the face cloths will ensure you get every last bit off!

How to pick the right cleanser for your skin

Oily and breakout-prone skin

In Clarifying Cleansing Oil, lightweight rice bran oil and soothing oat oil are blended with antibacterial rosemary to balance oily skin as you cleanse.

Normal and combination skin

Find lightweight jojoba and apricot oils in our Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil to make quick work of dirt and makeup while nourishing your skin with antioxidants.

Dry and sensitive skin

Packed with vitamin E-rich oils like chia, raspberry and broccoli, Super Seed Cleansing Oil deep cleanses while delivering a shot of intense nourishment.

Top Tip!

To make your first cleanse even more effective, use our cotton face cloth as a mini steam room! Soak it in hand-hot water, wring out, then place over your face to allow the steam to penetrate your pores.

Go deeper and prep the skin

Don't underestimate the second round - it's key for decongesting pores and prepping your skin for the rest of your routine. Take time to gently massage the oil in: it'll help boost circulation and allow the ingredients to work their magic.

Bonus level: Go glowy

Skin in need of a major reset? Reach for our Super Glow Mask: it contains salicylic acid to buff away dead skin cells, clearing out clogged pores for a fresh, hydrated, even and glowy complexion.

Why not take a few minutes to give yourself the ultimate facial massage.

Watch this tutorial with Arabella and facialist Charlotte Connoley