The Glasshouse project

March 04, 2022

We are so proud to be supporting The Glasshouse project.Thank you for shopping this International Women's Day, where we donated 10% of sales to The Glasshouse. πŸ’š

Dedicated to helping women

The Glasshouse equips and empowers the women of East Sutton Park prison through horticultural training, and help with employment and housing upon their release.

Offering second chances

Their project gives a new lease of life to previously disused prison greenhouses, in which their team grow house plants for their online shop and corporate plantscaping service.

The Glasshouse is a social enterprise

Their plants are great for everyone - from the women in the glasshouses to the people living and working around their live greenery. All profits are reinvested to expand their programmes in prisons and for ex-offenders post release.

Plants are good for everyone

Plants are proven to improve mental health and wellbeing. Shop The Glasshouse range here.

Plant oil skincare for healthy skin

Choose plant oil skincare and botanical actives to deliver healthy, glowing skin with 20% off this International Women's Day.

Read more about VOTARY Co-Founders Arabella and Charlotte here, or watch them talk about how they built a brand here.

Happy International Women's Day.

Love, Team VOTARY πŸ’š