Should you double cleanse your skin?

February 25, 2020

To double cleanse or not? The issue is it can be easy to over-cleanse. One of my mantras is that beautiful healthy skin begins with clean skin, but it's how you cleanse your skin that is the crucial part. Your skin type is a factor too. Sensitive skin might be too delicate to be double cleansed. And, if you don't wear make- up, double-cleansing may also be unnecessary.

However, double cleansing can also sometimes feel right. After a hot day in the city, skin can feel really clogged and sticky with environmental grime. It feels good to remove that before having a really deep down cleanse. Also, if you have your party face on, taking layers of make-up off with a first sweep can also feel necessary rather than massaging it further into your skin. For most skin types, occasional double cleansing isn't an issue. The only risk with over cleansing is when it's with products that are too abrasive which can compromise the skin's barrier function. That's why whatyou use is really important.

Let's look at the options. Many foam cleansers and wipes dry out the skin and don't effectively cleanse it. Instead, they can damage the skin's microbiome by stripping it of the natural oils and lipids which keep it balanced and healthy. (Read more about the microbiome here).If you remove all the naturally occurring oils and lipids from your skin, it leaves it parched and vulnerable. Skin type is crucial too. Over-cleansing, or cleansing too harshly, can be even more damaging for skin that has rosacea, eczema or is in hormonal flux. That's why it's so important to use a cleanser which cleanses without leaving your face tight and taut. That's why cleansers which work gently, and which work withthe skin are the best option. That's why - shout it from the rooftops - a plant oil based skincare routine is so brilliant for your skin.

One of the main reasons cleansing with a Votary pure plant oil cleanser is so effective is because it's bio-compatible with your skin. They respect and safeguard the skin's microbiome. The other reason is the mechanical way the oils work. They are brilliant at 'grabbing' onto grime, spf and excess sebum and effortlessly whisking it all away without stressing your skin. Skin is left clean, soft and supple and prepped to hold onto the hydration that follows with your facial oil. Facialist Jeanie Scott calls it 'a beautiful and gentle cleanse' and says that no-one has to fear double cleansing if the product is kind to skin.

The Votary cleansing routine has an additional hero ingredient - our much loved, 100% cotton, soft, fluffy face cloth. Using our face cloths helps to maximise all the benefits of the cleansing oil. Firstly, when wrung out in hand-hot water and applied to your face, they bring steam and warmth to the mix. This helps your skin to release all the clogging grime of the day and maximises the cleanser's ability to lift it all away. When you begin to wipe your face, the face cloth helps to take off every scrap of make up and SPF. The soothing action also means any dead or compacted skin is gently exfoliated away, releasing your skin's healthy glow. It's so much kinder to your skin than a brush or cleansing gadget which can damage thinner, more mature or sensitive skin. Nothing will get your skin cleaner, plumper and more glowing than a natural plant oil cleanser and a warm face cloth.

One of my best hacks - and a speedy way to avoid needing to double cleanse when I'm wearing lots of make-up - is that I flip the face cloth. I use one side to wipe away my foundation, eye shadow, and mascara and the other side to then wipe my bare skin. Once a week I do a proper double cleanse routine and leave the second cleanse on my skin while I shower or bath. I use two separate face cloths and I love how my skin feels super-soft and looks so fresh-faced afterwards.

I'm really proud of our cleansing oils. Used twice daily as part of the Votary 3 step routine they work beautifully to give you properly clean, radiant, healthy, happy skin. There's no risk of over-cleansing, over-loading or over-stressing. If it doubt, flip your face cloth.

Votary cleansing oils prime your face perfectly for serum or moisturiser, and provide a flawless base for make-up. Great skin begins beautifully with them.

Love, Arabella x

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