Welcome to VERDEN

November 10, 2021

A natural fragrance brand for bath, body and home

We are thrilled to announce that VOTARY has a new sister brand; welcome to VERDEN, a luxurious range of natural fragrance products for bath, body and home. Shop the full VERDEN range here.

Meaning ‘the world’ or ‘the earth’ in Danish, VERDEN is a natural fragrance brand for bath, body and home. VERDEN was founded by Charlotte Semler and Arabella Preston – the team behind VOTARY Skincare.

The beauty of fragrance lies in the joy of the memories and the emotions it evokes. Breathing air infused with natural fragrance re-establishes our link to nature and our place within it.

VERDEN is inspired by the focal role of nature in Charlotte’s Danish childhood memories. Charlotte returned to her childhood beach house after decades away and realised that it was the immersion in unchanging nature – water, landscape and fragrance, as much as the endless summer light – that brought her back to happiness. VERDEN roots itself in natural fragrance to reconnect you with happiness in every moment of self-care.

VERDEN captures joyful nature, emotions and memories in fragrance and wellness. Reconnect with happiness: Return to the breath. Cleanse. Care. Begin again.

You can shop VERDEN alongside your favourite VOTARY skincare, hereon our site, or visit verden.world and explore everything VERDEN has to offer.

Return to the breath. Cleanse. Care. Begin again ... with VERDEN

Breath practice is a powerful way to improve your wellbeing by connecting with the elements. To us natural fragrance is an elemental prompt, reminding our senses to breathe deeply and slowly. We share VERDEN breathwork practices to help you return to the breath and reconnect with nature.

Welcome to VERDEN, explore VERDEN breathwork here.