Q & A with MUA Chase Aston

June 19, 2018

When I first began formulating Votary, my background as a make up artist made me very aware of how important it was for it to work brilliantly as the perfect prep for cosmetics. That's why I'm always so thrilled when I learn that fabulous, renowned MUAs consider Votary to be an essential part of their kit.

In the first of a series, here I am talking with with Chase Aston about why and how he uses Votary.

First of all, can you share your starry bio with Votarists?

Yes, happily!I was obsessed with make up and fashion from a very early age. I started my adventure by assisting leading editorial & beauty make up artists when I was 19 years old, and after my training, I went freelance at 21. I then went to Milan, Paris and New York, where I spent 18 years honing my skills, establishing my reputation and building up an international client base in the fashion, beauty, editorial and film sectors.I have painted the faces of all the supermodels; Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzagova and Yasmin Le Bon with whom I had the honour to shoot my first VOGUE Cover. I've also worked with many A-List music stars, celebrities and actors.I have the distinction of having created the make up looks on over 300 Global magazine covers during my 30+ years career. Each project takes me on new and exciting adventures, and I feel blessed to work with such amazing, talented people.

Tell us about your favourite collaborations.
Kate Beckinsale is one of my absolute favourite collaborators. I've worked with her on her last three movies, and on the red carpet and for TV appearances. She's so beautiful, and gorgeous to work with. This is one of my favourite looks that I created for her.
What are you known for in the industry?
I'm known for creating natural, flawless, real skin complexions, for make up that always enhances and never masks and which allows the beauty of my subject to shine through, for an occasional edgy twist, and for always setting trends and never following....
What's in your kit, and what's your go-to Votary product?
I am always exploring new make up and skincare products and trends, especially easy-to-use cleansing products. I only use products that don't drag, tire, or stress out skin.I have found this and more in Votary. I have many favourites in the range, but if I HAD to pick one, my absolute go-to is the Super seed Cleansing Oil. Everyone I use it on feels the same way about it.Am I allowed more? The facial oilsare gorgeous too. I'm also a huge fan of the Hydrating Body Oil. You can't limit me to one...
Okay, you're allowed a whole stash!
Now, you're known for being obsessive about perfectly cleansed skin. Can you tell me how you achieve that?

I think a 3 step regime is so important for the complexion. When skin is properly cleansed, toned and moisturised, the skin has a natural, radiant glow. Properly hydrated skin - which is how it feels after using Votary - anchors make up to the complexion, ensuring that it feels weightless and looks natural and flawless and lasts all through the day. I ALWAYS follow the Votary 3 step routine because nourished skin is the perfect partner for make up.

Why do you think oil preps skin better than cream?

I find oils much lighter, especially after the 3 step cleanse/tone/moisturise has been carried out, and especially when combined with a primer before foundation and make up. I find that the skin's texture and overall appearance is just really beautiful and radiant.

Can you talk us through your skin prep process?

When I work with my clients, especially A-List celebrities & supermodels, I take into consideration their lifestyle, travelling, working environment, and stress levels, which affect the skin enormously. I evaluate what their skin issues are - dryness, sensitivity, redness etc - and then I cleanse, tone, and moisturise appropriately. The range of Votary cleansing oils allows me to target their skin's needs. I always gently cleanse their skin using a Votary warm facecloth, softly buffering away dirt, grime and impurities. Then, I take the Lemon and Neroli Toning Serum and softly smooth it all over the face and neck to gently exfoliate and refresh for added radiance. Finally, I take the right Votary facial oil, and a large stipple brush, and smooth it all over the face and neck in soft and gentle sweeping motions. Then I leave the face alone for 10 minutes by which time the complexion looks and feels like real skin again before starting on the make up look.

I've never applied our oils with a stipple brush before - I'm going to try it!And finally, as an internationally renowned MUA who has worked on some of the most beautiful faces in the world, can you share three make up tips with Votarists?

Yes, of course and as you allowed me more than one go-to product I'll share four...

  1. For a subtle, radiant summer glow, mix an equal amount of your favourite facial oil with liquid bronzing drops.
  2. For a long lasting blush of colour to the cheeks, take a liquid Lip & Cheek and swirl onto the apple of the cheeks, allow to fully dry, then take either cream blusher or shimmering cream bronzer and smooth over the apple of the cheeks and up and along cheekbones, for a long lasting, double flush of colour.
  3. When creating a smoky eye effect, if you get shadow fallout under the eyes, or you make a mistake with your eye-liner, take a Cotton Bud/Q-Tip, dip it into your liquid / cream foundation, and gently correct the mishap.
  4. To ensure that your mascara does not smudge or transfer to your top eye-lids during application, first CURL top lashes, then ALWAYS apply Mascara to the bottom lashes first, allow to DRY ...then apply to top lashes as usual.
Thank you Chase. It makes me incredibly proud that you use Votary on your starry faces, and thank you for sharing your expertise with us.
Arabella x
NOTE: The Lemon and Neroli Toning Serum has been discontinued and replaced with the Brightening Hyaluronic Serum.