How To Choose The Perfect Facial Oil For Your Skin

June 13, 2018

All our facial oils are formulated with powerful, natural plant oils to nourish and hydrate your skin. Whatever your skin type, there’s a Votary oil to care for it and here's my guide to helping you choose the right one for you.

Listen to your skin because sometimes there’s more than one answer. I find that my skin often needs different care on different days, and I hop between oils to give it perfectly tailored, bespoke care.

Beauty Drops - Rose Facial Oil
Skin type: Dehydrated
This is the ultimate soother. Rich in avocado oil, it provides brilliant protection, especially if your skin is seasonally fragile.

Glow Drops - Neroli Facial Oil
Skin type: Combination
Such a clever formulation - it doesn’t overload the oily patches yet hydrates the dry ones. It gives an instant, dewy glow, and (whisper it…) is also a fantastic post-shave oil for men.

Dew Drops - Jasmine Facial Oil
Skin type: Oily
Beloved for its fast absorption and lightweight formula. This blend of calming and soothing apricot is perfect for unsettled summer skin. Hydrating without clogging, it makes a flawless base for make-up and sunscreen.

Clarifying Facial Oil – Clary Sage and Peach
Skin type: Blemish and breakout prone
A beautifully lightweight oil for anyone with troubled skin. Made with rice bran oil and vitamin E-rich oat oil, it keeps skin soothed and balanced, speeding up blemish recovery.

Super Seed Facial Oil
Skin type: Sensitive, dry, hormonal
Fragrance-free, and with a super-nourishing formula, this is packed with the fabulous goodness of 21 seed oils. It’s health food for your skin. If you have redness, dryness or skin that’s simply in flux, it will restore equilibrium and make your skin glow.

Intense Night Oil - Rosehip and Retinoid
Skin type: Mature and dull
Our cult skin-renewing Rosehip and Retinoid Oil is powered by an oil soluble form of retinol. Enriched with tomato seed oil and rosehip oil, it tackles fine lines, hydrates skin and improves tone. Use at night; the active ingredients work their magic while you sleep.

And here's how to apply them:

Put four to five drops onto your palms. Hold your palms to your face and take a moment to inhale the natural fragrance and let it settle your mind. Now smooth the oil into your face and neckline using gentle upward motions. Use your fingertips to gently pat the oil into the area around your eyes. Be gentle with your skin - don't pull or stretch - so that it retains its elasticity.

Allow a moment for absorption, and now your skin is perfectly prepped for make-up, for SPF or for sleep.

Love, Arabella x

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