New Super Seed Serum

December 28, 2019

I'm so happy to be launching our fabulous new Super Seed Serum. It tackles all the issues sensitive skin faces and feeds it back to glowing health.

Beautifully lightweight and easily absorbed, it's perfect for sensitive complexions and is a powerhouse of nourishing goodness. It's a go-to answer for when the skin's natural defences have been compromised and it has become dry, red or sore. Designed for use between cleansing and moisturising, Super Seed Serum is packed with calming, plant-powered actives. Loaded with powerful peptides, it helps to boost and support the skin's natural defences. Over time, your skin is normalised and strengthened.

These are some of the brilliant ingredients I've included in the formula:

- Carnosine and sacha inchi peptides to boost both the skin’s natural defences and collagen levels. They help to minimise fine lines and improve elasticity.

- Broccoli seed oil which is rich in antioxidants and helps increase lipid levels for a smoother, fuller skin tone.

- Grape seed extract to protect against free radicals.

- Hyaluronic acid to help the skin to grab onto and retain hydration more effectively.

Super Seed Serum works with, and nourishes, the skin's microbiome to make skin stronger and healthier. It helps increase skin fullness and firmness. And, the absence of any fragrance means that sensitive skin isn't irritated.

Super Seed Serum is so easy to use as part of the Votary routine. Apply after cleansing. Take one pump and press gently into the skin and follow with your Votary facial oil or cream.

Used as part of the Super Seed range, sensitive skin is calmed and normalised. It becomes healthy, resilient and glowing.

I've loved adding it to my daily routine - my skin feels so replenished, soft, smooth and happy.

Love, Arabella x

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