Switch Up to Winter Skincare

December 23, 2019

The deepest days of winter are here.

Icy winter temperatures outside and dehydrating central heating inside means your skin is constantly having to adapt and adjust. Colds and viruses bring added stress to skin, and it's so easy for it to feel dry, sore or unsettled. The temptation can be to start slathering on multiple products which can be overwhelming.

The most important thing is to use products which work well together to keep your skin nourished, calm and glowing through the coldest of days. Listen to your skin; if it feels dry or tight, or even slightly itchy, it's telling you it needs more care. It's probably time to switch up to a simple, more hydrating winter routine.

On cold winter mornings:

  • Switch up to Super Seed Cleansing Oil. Our most nourishing formula will leave your skin feeling super-soft and supple.
  • Feed your skin with our new Super Seed Serum. Designed to tackle all the issues sensitive skin faces, it's packed with natural peptides to calm and soothe skin.
  • Add restorative hydration with 3-4 drops of Super Seed Facial Oil. It's quickly absorbed for glowing, fuller skin.
  • Seal it all in with a layer of our nourishing and protective Super Seed Nutrient Cream. Your face will be wrapped up and ready to face any kind of weather.

On cosy winter evenings:

  • Cleanse again with Super Seed Cleansing Oil. If your skin feels very dry, apply for a second time, and leave a thin layer on your face for five minutes to work as a nourishing mask.
  • Add a pump of Super Boost Night Drops to Super Seed Serum to calm, soothe and nourish your skin all in one. Apply in light, gentle strokes.
  • Finish by massaging Intense Night Oil into your face. The combination of rosehip oil and gentle retinoid mean you wake to skin that is smooth, glowing and lifted.

If you have time to add anything else, here's what I'd suggest:

  • A swoosh of our Natural Lip Oil twice daily for baby-soft lips.
  • A teaspoon of our vegan Super Seed Nutritional Supplement which is packed with the goodness of flaxseed and omega oils to nourish your skin, hair and nails from the inside out.
  • Our Antidote Bath and Body Oil massaged into your limbs before bed. It's smoothing and hydrating, and the soporific, calming fragrance is the perfect unwinder before sleep.

Looking after your skin properly in the cold of winter makes it so much easier to transition to lighter skin care in the summer. Keeping it deeply hydrated and nourished means it feels cossetted and calm. Time for a winter wonderland walk anyone?

Love, Arabella x

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